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Sound Proof Panel


Rockwool Acoustic Infills combine optimal density, random fiber orientation, and excellent fit to provide a significant improvement in sound absorption when used within the troughs of perforated metal roof decks. The product is wrapped in a factory-applied acoustically transparent white tissue facing for improved aesthetics. For the best performance.

acoustic panel

A noise barrier is an exterior structure designed to protect inhabitants of sensitive land use areas from noise pollution. Noise barriers are the most effective method of mitigating roadway, railway, and industrial noise sources.

Factors should be considered while designing noise barriers:

  • Sound barrier location
  • Material
  • Design and shape of barrier
  • Wind speed calculations
  • Noise calculations
  • Structural stability
  • Aesthetic values

Noise barrier has the 3 layered structure

1. The first layer is the perforated metal sheet :
The common material of perforated metal sheet is galvanized steel, aluminum, Mild steel, or powder coated steel sheets.
2. The second layer is sound absorbing rockwool infill :
The sound absorbing rockwool has excellent sound or noise absorbing performance, it can reduce the noise and keep the atmosphere quite. The main infill material is rockwool.
3. The third layer is metal sheet :
The material of metal sheet is same as the perforated metal sheet, But there is no any hole on the metal sheet.

human ear0 dBThis is a matter of definition
Rustle of leaf20 dB
Whisper30 dB
Normal conversation60 dB
Inside passenger car at 60 MPH65-75 dBSmaller cars are usually noisier
Ringing telephone80 dBMeasured close to the phone
Hair dryer85-90 dBMeasured close to the dryer
Lawn mower85-90 dBMeasured at the ear
Maximum exposure, 8 hours890 dBOSHA regulation
Chain saw90-100 dBMeasured at ear, sound level varies by model
Tractor, bulldozer95-105 dBInside cab may be less noisy. Sound level varies by model
Rock drill110-115 dB
Circular saw, table saw110 dB
Threshold of pain120 dBA matter of definition
Pneumatic chipper120 dB
Fire engine siren120 dB
Jet engine at takeoff140 dB
12-gauge shotgun165 DBImpact sound uses a different risk criteria
Rocket launch180 dB
Loudest possible sound195 DB
Panel Sizes3960 x 500, 2960 x 500, 2460 x 500, 1960 x 500 mm
Panel Thickness80mm | 100 mm | 120 mm
Wind Load Designed as per IS 875 Part-III, 1987
Sound ProofingClass -A4
Sound DeadeningClass -B2
Type of Wall Double skin insulated wall
Facing SheetPlain metal sheet / GI sheet/Aluminium , 0.5 to 1.2 mm thick
Backside SheetPerforated sheet/ GI sheet/Aluminium with 22-46 % open area
Infill / Core Rock wool Confirming to IS-8183 & BS 476 of varies density and Thickness. Rock Wool covered with Fiber tissue paper fire-resistive.
CoverWater repellent tissue paper for infill material lamination,50-micron thickness
Sound Damping High density mass loaded vinyl barrier of 2 MM thickness
Joint Each panel having a tongue & groove to join perfectly with each other
Gasket The panel and structure having neoprene rubber gaskets at the joint to block noise leakage.
Vertical Post/ Structure The structure is of ‘H’ profile in which acoustic panel slides longitudinally.
Finish All metallic surface/parts are galvanized / powder coated / painted in desire shade.