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Wall Panels Partitions For Industrial

The "All in One" In Plant partition Wall System Whether you need to create office space in your factory, enclose a powder coating operation, or divide plant space from floor to ceiling, alfa Pre engineered wall partition will have a wall system for your need.

Alfa modular wall systems are ideal for creating in-plant demising walls quickly and cost effectively due to the minimal waste and shorter installation time frame compared to traditional construction materials. Plus, their modular design allows these wall systems to be moved or re-located - a perfect solution that adapts with changing business needs.

Reach heights of 50-feet from floor to ceiling to completely enclose an area to create temperature and humidity controlled enclosures.

These wall partition are ideal for creating temporary demising walls or permanent enclosures to enhance environmental control, workflow efficiency, Due to their prefabricated design, these modular wall systems integrate easily with one another as well as with the existing building's structure.

Reduced Installation time and less disruption to work space as compared to traditionally built walls. Reduced Cost and Materials.

Alfa Puf panel Panels provide excellent insulation across the entire wall and roof area. The advanced polyurethane core and impermeable steel faces provide insulation values that significantly lower heating and cooling costs.

Wall panels options / Tongue and grove


  • Biotechnology Lab
  • Operation Theater
  • Painting Industry
  • Automobile IndustryAutomotive Manufacturing
  • Equipment Enclosures
  • Aerospace Applications
  • Environmental Test Facilities
  • Microelectronics and Nano-Technology Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Packaging
  • Research Facilities
  • Medical controlled Environments
  • Metrology Labs/CMM Rooms
  • Food Industry
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