Color Coated Galvalume & Galvanized Sheet

Coated Steel Sheet has been used extensively by the construction industry throughout the World for nearly two centuries. Because of its excellent corrosion resistances, it has become the preferred material for a wide range of construction uses, particularly roofing and walling.
Coated steel sheet is a unique building material. It combines the strength of steel with the excellent corrosion protection of zinc/aluminum alloy coatings. It can be punched, roll-formed and joined in to a limitless number of structural and decorative building products.


Pre-Painted Galvalume Sheets
Coating Mass: Galvalume 70AZ/150AZ/200AZ
Galvanized 90 gsm /120 gsm
Yield Strength: Galvalume 550 Mpa/ 350 Mpa
Galvanized 240 Mpa/ 350 Mpa
Sheet Thickness: 0.30/0.35/0.40/0.45/0.47/0.50/0.55/0.60
Colours: Sky Blue/Off White/Mist Green/Brick Red (regular moving colours)
Paint Finish: Glossy/Matte
Painting Thickness (Top) 18 - 22 microns
Painting Thickness (Bottom) 5 - 7 microns
Width: 1.06mm /1.085mm
Pitch crest to crest: 200mm/250mm
Max Length: 15 mtrs.

Paint Properties Comparision

Properties SUPER/HIGH Durable Polyester RMP SMP PVDF PVC
Flexibility Good Fair Poor Good Excellent
UV Resistance Good Poor Fair Excellent Good
Gloss Retension Excellent Good Good Poor Fair
Chalking Resistance Good Poor Fair Excellent Fair
Costs Marginal Lowest High Very High High
Durability Yrs 10 8 10 15  
SST Hrs 1000 750 750 1000 1000
Consumption per lit. Colour Specific 
Foam Adhesion Colour Specific 


Types of products PVDF SDP SMP RMP
Description Highest UV resistance coating based on a mixture of PVDF and Acrylic resins. ( Applicable in adverse climatic condition like High rise building, Malls,Facades) This product gives best possible UV resistance of polyester based coatings ( Applicable in Roofing, façade cladding of residential) Silicon Modified polyester based coatings for elevated temperature areas

  A wide & varied range of products based on polyester resins

Corrosively Environment C3 Category C2 Category C2 Category C1 Category
End Use Especially suitable for facades in residential areas. Roofing & Siding Roofing & Cladding Facades, Roofing& Ceilings
Resin System PVDF & Acrylic Resin (70:30) Super Durable Resin Silicon Modified Resin Modified Polyester Resin
Pigments High Performance Inorganic Pigments High Performance Pigments Regular Organic and Inorganic Pigments Regular Organic and Inorganic Pigments
Shades Restricted Colours Restricted Colours All Shades All Shades
Recommended DFT 18-20µ 18-20 µ 14-20 µ 14-20 µ
Gloss* @ 60 (%) 10-35 10-80 10-80 10-80
QUV* @ASTM G154 4000Hrs 1500Hrs 1000Hrs 1000Hrs
SST** @ASTM B117 1500 Hrs 1000Hrs 1000Hrs 1000Hrs
Humidity 2000 Hrs 1000 Hrs 1000 Hrs 1000 Hrs
Hardness Soft film with low scratch resistance Good Scratch resistance Very Good scratch resistance Excellent scratch resistance
Flexibility Flexible Top Coats Medium Flexible Semi Hard Topcoats Average Flexibility
Chemical Resistance Excellent Excellent Good Average
Warranty 10-12 years warranty based on shade & territory 8-12 years warranty based on shade & territory 5-10 years warranty based on shade & territory No Warranty

Crimp Sheets

Easy to install, crimped curved sheets provide versatility and creativity that bring new and refreshing design to industrial and domestic buildings. The combination curves and contours in concave and convex shapes with flats and angles can be used to add an aesthetic appeal to the building.

Tile Profile Sheet

Alfa offers a traditional and popular Mangalore Tiled shape profile. Elegant-looking clay-tiled profile sheets are available in a variety of colors, adds beauty to your roof. Tile Roof Sheet offered comes in precision designed and construction finish to perfectly match up with the different roofing requirements. Further, the superior construction values of these sheets also make them provide for excellent resistance from corrosion as well as deliver optimum sound insulation and fire retardant support as demanded by the customer’s insulated panel.


  • Excellent design & secure fastening systems ensure the security and weather-light performance of coated steel roofing during extreme weather. Coated steel sheets are resistant to fire.
  • Excellent thermal properties that keep the building cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Prevents noise and provides a quite roofing system, particularly when used in combination with appropriate insulation systems.