Sound Proof Panel

Alfa acoustic panel with rockwool Infills combine optimal density, random fiber orientation, and excellent fit to provide a significant improvement in sound absorption when used within the troughs of perforated metal roof decks. The product is wrapped in a factory-applied acoustically transparent white tissue facing for improved aesthetics. For the best performance.


Panel Sizes3960 x 500, 2960 x 500, 2460 x 500, 1960 x 500 mm
Panel Thickness80mm | 100 mm | 120 mm
Wind Load Designed as per IS 875 Part-III, 1987
Sound ProofingClass -A4
Sound DeadeningClass -B2
Type of Wall Double skin insulated wall
Facing SheetPlain metal sheet / GI sheet/Aluminium , 0.5 to 1.2 mm thick
Backside SheetPerforated sheet/ GI sheet/Aluminium with 22-46 % open area
Infill / Core Rock wool Confirming to IS-8183 & BS 476 of varies density and Thickness. Rock Wool covered with Fiber tissue paper fire-resistive.
CoverWater repellent tissue paper for infill material lamination,50-micron thickness
Sound Damping High density mass loaded vinyl barrier of 2 MM thickness
Joint Each panel having a tongue & groove to join perfectly with each other
Gasket The panel and structure having neoprene rubber gaskets at the joint to block noise leakage.
Vertical Post/ Structure The structure is of ‘H’ profile in which acoustic panel slides longitudinally.
Finish All metallic surface/parts are galvanized / powder coated / painted in desire shade.


  • Eliminating Residual Sound
  • Improving Sound Intelligibility
  • Acting as Absorbers and Diffusers
  • Absorbing Unwanted Sounds
  • Improving Wall Aesthetics
  • Absorbing Surface Frequencies
  • Fire resistance


  • Offices/Work Spaces
  • Conference Halls
  • Auditoriums
  • Theaters
  • Churches/Church Halls
  • Libraries
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Recording Studios
  • Broadcasting Studios
  • Film & Television Production
  • Control Rooms
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Manufacturing Facilities