Shear Connectors

Composite structures consist of two different materials joined together in such a way that the resultant strength of the structure is more than the strength of the two materials added together. Due to this composite structure can make the best use of each of the constituent materials. In steel and concrete composite beams, concrete is assumed to take most of the compression load while steel takes all the tension. The two materials in the composite structure need to be firmly held together to make the structure rigid and strong.
In steel and concrete composite beams the two materials are held together using headed Shear connectors.


  • Easy to use.
  • Economical.
  • Very fast installation as compared to conventional processes More consistent as the weld parameters are predetermined and programmed in the machine itself.
  • Minimum human intervention.
  • Through deck, welding is also possible where the Headed Shear Connector is welded through a formed galvanized sheet onto a steel beam. Concrete is then poured over the formed sheet and the shear connectors.
  • Reduction in concrete as well as steel.
  • The greater strength of the structure.
  • Greater speed of construction.
  • Lesser floor sections.