Camlock PU panels

Camlock PU panels are insulated panels used for building and construction, consisting of a PU foam core sandwiched between two outer layers of durable material, aluminum. They are designed to be joined together using camlock connections for easy and secure installation.

Camlock PU panels are insulated panels made of polyurethane foam that are designed to interlock using a camlock mechanism, creating a tight seal between the panels. They are commonly used in the construction of refrigerated storage facilities, cold rooms, and other temperature-controlled environments. The panels are typically made of two metal sheets that are bonded to a polyurethane foam core. The camlock mechanism allows for easy and quick installation of the panels, and the tight seal between the panels helps to maintain the desired temperature and prevent air leaks. Camlock PU panels are often preferred over traditional insulation materials because they are lightweight, durable, and have excellent insulating properties. They can also be customized to fit a wide range of shapes and sizes, making them ideal for a variety of applications.


Panel thickness available 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm
Panel width available 1060mm
Panel length available 2000mm-12000mm
Average density 40± 2kg/m
Thermal conductivity 0.024-0.03 W/m
Temperature range -40+800C
Free from CFC CFC free
Type of foam B1, B2, B3, PIR
Heat transfer co-efficient -0.022W/M2*k
Pressure 0.10Mpa
Cubic Area Change =1%(-30 C – 100 C/96h)


  • Excellent insulation: Camlock PU panels have a high insulation value, which makes them ideal for use in temperature-controlled environments like refrigerated storage facilities and cold rooms. The polyurethane foam core provides excellent thermal insulation, helping to maintain a consistent temperature and reduce energy costs.
  • Easy installation: Camlock PU panels are designed to interlock using a camlock mechanism, making them quick and easy to install. This reduces installation time and costs, and also helps to ensure a tight seal between panels, which further improves insulation
  • Lightweight and durable: Camlock PU panels are lightweight and durable, making them easy to transport and install. They are also resistant to damage from moisture, chemicals, and other environmental factors, making them a long-lasting and reliable solution.
  • Customizable: Camlock PU panels can be customized to fit a wide range of sizes and shapes, making them ideal for a variety of construction projects. They can also be painted or coated to match specific design requirements.
  • Cost-effective: Camlock PU panels are a cost-effective solution for construction projects, as they are relatively inexpensive compared to other building materials. Additionally, their high insulation value helps to reduce energy costs over the long term.


  • Industrial Buildings.
  • Partitions-Semi Glazed.
  • Commercial Buildings.
  • Warehouse/Godown.
  • Cold storage/Blast Freezers.
  • Farm House.
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing units.
  • Air Handling Units.
  • Poultry Form.
  • Dairy industry.
  • Malls/Departmental Stores.