Standing Seam Roofing

Standing seam roofing is the most reliable roofing material. The risk of leakage is excluded due to concealed fixing, reliable seaming, and the absence of through holes. Standing seam roofing blends into the architectural character of cities thus being applied for new building construction as well as for remodeling and renovation.


Base metal cold rolled steel cold rolled steel cold rolled steel
Yield strength 240MPA 340MPA 240Mpa
Metalic coating Specification. Z120 g/m(gsm) AZM 150 g/m(gsm) AZM 150 g/m(gsm)
paint type on top coat Regular Modified polyster(rmp)silicon modified polyster(SMP)poly viny di-flouride(PVDF2) Regular Modified polyster(rmp)silicon modified polyster(SMP)poly viny di-flouride(PVDF2) Non Colour
Product finish Matt finish,Glossy finish Matt finish,Glossy finish natural
Masking using polythene guard films using polythene guard films using polythene guard films
top coat thickness(dft) 18-20 microns minimum 18-20 microns minimum -
Back coat Epoxy/pu/polyester Epoxy/pu/polyester -
Back coat thickness(dft) 5-7 microns minimum 5-7 microns minimum -
total coated thickness 0.5 and above 0.5 and above 0.5 and above
Top Coat color Refer our color card Refer our color card -
Back coat color Grey as per mail standard. Grey as per mail standard. -
Back coat color Grey as per mail standard. Grey as per mail standard. -
Confirmed standrad ASTM A653/A653M,ASTM A755/A755M,IS 277/IS 513,IS 14246,JIS.3312,As 1397 ASTM A792/A792/ASATM A755/A755M,JIS.3312,As 1397 ASTM A792/A792/,JIS.3312,As 1397

Standing Seam Sheet profile

ProductEffective widthCrest DeptCrest Distance
Standing seam 820mm 50mm 410 mm c/c With 2ribs at the centre for stiffening
Standing seam 485mm 63mm 410 mm c/c With 1rib


  • On-site roll forming thus providing single length sheet from Ridge to eve avoiding make weather.
  • The chance of leakage is eliminated if roofing is properly seaned Easy and quick to install.
  • The absence of throu8gh holes Prevents perforation corrosion both at joints and on the surface thus ensuring very low ultimate durability.
  • Suitable for very low sloped Roofs.
  • Standing seam profile roofs are used for low slopes using single long sheets with no joints.
  • This provides water tightness avoiding water leakage by the usage of sealants and interlocking of the double lock type clips in the seams.
  • It simplifies the roofing installation and faster installation.
  • Preferred mostly architects and MNCs for their aesthetic beauty and very little maintenance.
  • No screws are used and hence long-lasting.
  • Standing seam profile is site fabricated using the color coated coils using a roll forming machine and the sheets laid from the ridge to the gutter.
  • Offers excellent design flexibility.
  • Mechanically seamed on the side laps.
  • Long-length sheets eliminate end laps.
  • Can be produced and installed in lengths of up to 100m.
  • Onsite production of the roof eliminates damage to the sheets.
  • Fire-rated and light-weighted.
  • Standing seam roof can be laid in single skin or using insulations.
  • Condensation-free, durable, and corrosion resistant.
  • FM approved (USA).
  • Very much preferred by EPC consultants and PMC companies.
  • Very much energy efficient and contributes to LEED and Pearl rating certification.
  • DBIT approved (Germany).


  • Warehousing
  • Logistic companies
  • Automobile service centers
  • Food processing, manufacturing
  • Textiles
  • Defense structures
  • Aircraft hangers
  • Auditoriums
  • Exhibition halls
  • Conventional centers

Sliding type 1.2mm thick


Expansion clip 1.2mm thick