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Camlock & Corner Panels


Camlock Panels

Specially designed eccentric lock mechanism ensures airtight between joints. Tongue and groove with specially designed cam locks provided. The cam lock fasteners come in pairs, a male cam lock latch and a female cam lock pin. Insulated panels are joined together in required lengths to assemble peripheral walls, partition walls, ceilings and floor. It is well designed Tongue & Groove system which utilizes the Cam locks to achieve superior tightness and uniform line. Panels slip into place allowing for easy and rapid installation, whilst improving structural strength and thermal efficiency.

Corner Panel

Corner panel is nothing but corner connections with the corner panels are lockable.it aims to ensure not even a single panel is wasted in assembly and providing ease of assembly. Specially designed corner panel ensures air tight between panels and providing uniform straight line. This allows high insulation and thus minimizes the energy consumption of Cold Air Warehouses. Infrastructure for every wiring installation inside the panel can be created (hidden installation application).

corner panel