Insulated EPS Sandwich Panels

Polystyrene Sandwich Panel is also called EPS Sandwich Panel. The top & bottom Surface of this panel is Galvanized & pre-painted steel sheets, core material is polystyrene, it is formatted by laminating and pressing with 2 components of PU glue. The sandwich panel is featured with temperature keeping, hot & sound insulation, anti-water, and fire-resistant. It is widely used as the wall or roof for cold storage, industrial workshop, public building, etc.

  • Eps roof panel
  • EPS wall panel

Manufacturing Process

The top and bottom coil (sheet metal) are clamped onto the plants unwinding unit and fed into the machine. In the first step, “corona system” cleans both reverse sides of the sheet metal using high frequency to remove greases and dirt and to guarantee the best possible subsequent full spread adhesion between foam and sheet metal. Thereafter the protective films are rolled onto outside of both metal sheets. The sheets are then brought together, the bottom sheet is foamed by the swinging foam head and the top sheet is mechanically steadied. Immediately thereafter, the panel is fed continuous line into the heated drying tunnel where the foam expands to its full volume, binds to the sheets and transforms both sheets to one robust, shear resistant composite structural panel. After leaving the tunnel the panels are cut according to your specification using flying saw/cutter.


  • Major savings in energy cost
  • Light weight and easy installation
  • High standard of thermal insulation
  • Can be produced rapidly and on demand in the required quantity and length
  • Can be easily transported to wherever they are needed
  • Lower cost solution compared to traditional building materials
  • Saves construction and maintenance cost
  • Provides durability and long life


  • Industrial Buildings.
  • Commercial Buildings.
  • Farm House.
  • Poultry Form.
  • Malls/Departmental Stores.